Finns in Montreal

Contact informations in Montreal:

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Montrealin Suomalainen Newsletter

Is published three times per year.
If you want to receive the newsletter, contact:
Mari Sulkala, Tel: 514-376 4197

Montreal Canadian Friends of Finland:

President: Pirkko Mönkäre, Tel: 514-933 6529
Vice-President: William Luomala, Tel: 514-633 9385
Secretary: Anneli Lukka, Tel: 514-989 7218 tai 398 4475 ext. 09877,
Treasurer: Lisa Makinen, Tel: 514-624 7535

Chambre de Commerce Finno-Canadienne:

President: Caj Frostell, Tel: 514-954 8161
Treasurer: Ann-Mari Beaulne, Tel: 450-689 4698

Finnish School for children:

Marja Coady, Tel: 514-739 1896
Irma Teittinen, Tel: 1-518-562 5762

St.Michael's Finnish Church:

Rev: Kyllikki Pitts ,
Church Home, Tel: 514-932 9568
President: Matti Auramo,
Tel: 450-458 6228
Vice-president: Timo Virta,
Tel: 514-487 1715
Secretary: Marja-Leena Taras,
Tel: 514-735 8392
Treasurer: Wilfred Yrjölä,
Tel: 514-684 2396

Website: St.Michael's Finnish Church

Homepages from Finns who live in Montreal area:

Tikka Books, Leila Peltosaari

Terhi Tuomela

Saku Koivu Foundation

His Foundation to raise money for the purchase of a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) machine, the machine will be donated to the Montreal General Hospital. Have a look to Saku Koivu Foundation page!