Finns in Montreal

Important information if you're moving to Montreal:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

Quebec government portal

Living in Montreal,

Embassy of Finland in Ottawa

After you arrive to Montreal:

Human Resources development Canada

Health insurance card

Banks of Canada

Daily newspapers:

The Gazette, English-language newspaper

La Presse, French-language newspaper

Studying / Universities:

Studying in Canada

Université de Montréal, French-language University

Université du Québec à Montréal, French-language University

McGill University, English-language University

Concordia University, English-language University

Open Universities in Finland

The open university of the University of Helsinki

Organizations/societies/communities in Canada:

Canadian Nordic Society, the Canadian Nordic Society celebrates the links and common interests between Canada and the Nordic countries: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Important information for Finns living aboard:

Consulate of Finland , in Toronto

Expatrium , magazine for Finns living aboard.